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My spiritual journey

Advance Spiritual Training

January 2019

Graduated Hands On Healing Program

This program helped me to work and learn how to remove blocked energy from others that is causing them discomfort and potential pain. When I work with the techniques as a spiritual being I am able to help others move forward with more clarity. This was a year long program with hands on practice and education.

January 2016

Graduated Spiritual Teaching Program

This is was the place where I was given the tools to be able to look at the energy from a different perspective and in a safe manner. As a teacher I am able to assist and watch my students as they learn and practice new skills and abilities.

It is a great gift to be able to teach and help others.

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November 2015

Graduated Clairvoyant Training

This program helped me to open the clairvoyant channels and allowed me to work on energy from things in others past, family, present and past lives that become obstacles to others soul advancement. This is were I learnt to read information that is beneficial to myself and others with certainty. It is a year long program with over 400 hours of in person work and practice.

Customer Reviews

Cynthia M.

I LOVE Laurie!

Laurie is a kind and beautiful soul! Her intuition is strong and I immediately felt at ease in her readings and meditations. I Love how observant and Inquisitive she is from the moment I step into the room or see her on Zoom! She has a soothing and calming presence which is so important. I very much appreciate how she opens my eyes and allows me to think and see different perspectives. She has taught me so much and I have gained confidence in myself and my own intuition. Go Laurie!

Laurie Gayle

Service List


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This READING IS perfect WHEN YOU ARE about to get started in the journey for information. I like to understand what you are wanting to manifest and look at the energy that is holding you back from moving forward.



This extended time allows me to answer some of your questions, look at past life’s that are affecting you currently, and look at the energy in your personal space that is affecting you. This is an hour dedicated to you and your questions.



reading with 2 professionals

Example : - intuitive/astrology

- intuitive/tarot

- intuitive/ energy healer

Monthly psychic readings


Includes - 4 sessions of 1 hour/ session

Text access

up to 4 people - Includes 4 sessions of one hour per group. Equals $25/person/session

Multi person learning session


Free 20min Consultation meeting - a chance to talk about your spiritual goals and together create a working plan toward your desires.

The readings are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purpose only

These are the available payment methods I offer at the moment. You can schedule the appointment first and then come back to make the payment.

Thank you and I am excited to connect with you!



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